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BizPricer Business Valuation Manual w/Softwar

ISBN: 0965740056
Цена: 11346 руб.
BizPricer Business Valuation Manual w/Software" is a user-friendly, extremely cost-effective resource for prospective business buyers and sellers (and... (читать далее)

Введение в финансовый менеджмент

ISBN: 978-5-279-01907-6, 5-279-01907-0
Цена: 359 руб.
Книга представляет собой базовый курс относительно новой и динамично развивающейся дисциплины, посвященной описанию логики и принципов управления фина... (читать далее)

Intangible Management: Tools for Solving the

Цена: 5066 руб.
For the recorded history of management, the world has managed value creation according to what can be seen, touched and proven. In today's knowledge-b... (читать далее)

Corporate Finance Student Problem Manual

Цена: 12503 руб.
... (читать далее)

Credit Emergency Surgery

ISBN: 1591962161
Цена: 1286 руб.
Bad credit is a fact of life for millions of Americans. Americans are filing bankruptcy by the millions each year due to poor financial judgement and ... (читать далее)

Инструменты контроллинга от А до Я

ISBN: 5-279-01737-X, 3-8092-1080-3
Цена: 173 руб.
Контроллинг как целостная концепция управления финансово-экономическими процессами и результатами деятельности предприятия находят все более широкое р... (читать далее)

Clearing, Settlement and Custody

Цена: 5404 руб.
'Clearing, Settlement and Custody' focuses on the clearing, settlement and custody functions by analyzing how they work and the interaction between th... (читать далее)

An Introduction to Market Risk Measurement (T

ISBN: 0470847484
Цена: 7307 руб.
This book provides an introduction to Value at Risk (VaR) and expected tail loss (ETL) estimation and is a student-oriented version of Measuring Marke... (читать далее)

The Complete Guide to Credit Repair for the H

ISBN: 0967240514
Цена: 1057 руб.
This instructional tool provides step-by-step credit repair guidance for the potential home purchaser. The homeowner-to-be is advised not only how an... (читать далее)

Финансы и менеджмент/Finanzas y Gerencia

ISBN: 5-8346-0114-6, 5-70420114-8
Цена: 104 руб.
Учебное пособие `Финансы и менеджмент` предназначено для тех, кто изучает испанский язык на факультетах экономики, международных экономических отношен... (читать далее)

Practical Business Forecasting

Цена: 5427 руб.
... (читать далее)

Finding Money : The Small Business Guide to F

ISBN: 0471109835
Цена: 11070 руб.
This book answers the two most important questions on the minds of small business owners and entrepreneurs today—what are the most promising so... (читать далее)

The Medicaid Planning Handbook : A Guide to P

Цена: 2222 руб.
... (читать далее)

The Complete Book of Trusts, 3rd Edition

Цена: 2099 руб.
A new, updated edition of the ultimate guide to trusts Trusts are powerful and flexible financial planning tools, and this new edition of The Compl... (читать далее)

Regulation and Compliance in Operations (Secu

Цена: 5066 руб.
'Regulation and Compliance in Operations' looks at how regulation affects the operations function by focusing on regulatory issues and drivers. As re... (читать далее)

FinGame Online 3.0, Participants Manual

ISBN: 0256136130
Цена: 1156 руб.
FinGame Online 3.0 is a comprehensive multiple period finance case/simulation. In the game, students control a hypothetical company over numerous peri... (читать далее)

NLP at Work: The Difference That Makes a Diff

Цена: 2112 руб.
Popularized by such motivational writers and speakers as Anthony Robbins, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is considered one of the hottest techniqu... (читать далее)

All Together Now: Records, Instructions and W

ISBN: 0965916901
Цена: 717 руб.
Save your loved ones TIME, ANGUISH and MONEY!! Our busy lives leave us little time to get our personal and financial affairs in order and our good in... (читать далее)

A History of Corporate Finance

Цена: 4279 руб.
This study focuses on the role of institutions and organizations in the development of corporate finance from the Italian merchant banks of the Renais... (читать далее)

The New Corporate Finance

Цена: 4801 руб.
This book is comprised of 45 articles written by top researchers and theorists in finance. The text is meant to bridge the gap between financial theor... (читать далее)

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Living on a Budge

Цена: 2924 руб.
... (читать далее)

Sales Dogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack D

Цена: 1823 руб.
By knowing the five basic breeds of peoplethe Pit Bull, the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, the Chihuahua, and the Basset Houndreaders will have the nec... (читать далее)

Women's Guide to Financial Self-Defense

ISBN: 0446672645
Цена: 2184 руб.
Do you know exactly how much your husband is worth? Where all his investments are? How much credit you can get on your own? What property or bank acco... (читать далее)

Live Rich : Everything You Need to Know To Be

Цена: 9777 руб.
Money can Buy You HappinessIn Die Broke Stephen Pollan introduced a new radical new strategy for spending, saving, and investing money in today's fina... (читать далее)

Financing Transitions: Managing Capital and L

ISBN: 0965101177
Цена: 13892 руб.
If a family-owned company is to endure and provide the maximum potential opportunity for future generations, it must plan for provision of both adeq... (читать далее)

Real R & D Options: Theory, Practice and Impl

Цена: 8557 руб.
Real R&D options are among the earliest modelled real options, with now ten primary practical uses: general R&D planning, planning R&D in stages, eval... (читать далее)

Personal Finance + CD + PFP + Resource Manual

ISBN: 0072838876
Цена: 2348 руб.
This #1 market-leading Personal Finance text provides comprehensive coverage of personal financial planning in the areas of money management, career p... (читать далее)

Money for Life Success Planner : The 12-Week

ISBN: 0793195152
Цена: 2496 руб.
The best way to achieve financial goals is by sticking to a budget. While many books help readers establish a budget, too few help readers actually s... (читать далее)

Managing Financial Resources, Third Edition (

Цена: 5732 руб.
Managing Financial Resources addresses the complicated issues of financial planning and control. These include performance measures and cost analysis... (читать далее)

Student Problem Manual to accompany Fundament

ISBN: 0072469765
Цена: 6939 руб.
(prepared by Thomas Eyssell, University of Missouri-St. Louis) This valuable resource provides students with additional problems for practice. Each ch... (читать далее)